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Technology has contributed to the massive online business explosion that has occurred over the last several years. Solo entrepreneurs and small-sized businesses have utilized its evolvement to accelerate their growth. The three main objectives every business should address are: meeting client needs, creating awareness of their brand or product, and establishing a solid network within their industry. Technology has simplified and expanded the possibility of meeting these goals.

Knowing what piques and keeps the target audience’s interest could prove to be challenging. Analytical reports are now available on almost every networking platform. An analytical report would include the number of current audience members, the number of visitors to the website landing page, the type of audience that you are reaching, and which methods are producing the biggest impact. An analytics report could easily be obtained from Google, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and several other professional networking platforms.

Getting the brand message or product to stand out above the rest is a part of every company’s mission. The advancement of social media has taken marketing to an entirely new level. Producing effective ads, blogs, and events is at the sole discretion of the company or brand. The ability to reach more people by this method increases the odds of recruitment through ad display. Many companies utilize social media platforms to educate current and prospective clients about their products/services and company mission. Engaging with the right groups, utilizing SEO, hashtagging, and commenting will assist with attracting ideal followers.

CRM’s (Customer Relations Management software) have open the lines of communication between business owners, project managers, team members, and clients. Asana, Salesforce, Trello, and Slack are on a tall-growing list of applications created to increase productivity and follow-through. They also facilitate the integration of popular applications like Google Drive, Mail Chimp, Word Press, etc. CRM’s keep everyone on the same page, provide regular updates, and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.

Many small business owners have hesitated to take part in the technology trends. A simple look at the statistics might change their mind. While not fixing what isn’t broken may work for some, following business trends that are currently increasing the revenue for many may be a wise choice. During these uncertain times that we have all been experiencing, it would be better to secure our future by implementing what is currently working.