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The whole world has been going online, and the tech stocks have been a huge success. Whether it’s the CEO of Tesla who is causing a stir with his new line of electric cars or Mark Zuckerberg being catapulted into media stardom because of Facebook, these companies have caused a frenzy among the tech industry and Wall Street.

As exciting as these companies are, there have been some pretty big movers in the past few weeks that are important to watch. It’s always best if investors understand why certain companies are moving before making decisions. Some of these tech stocks include;


Google has had some exciting moves recently. In March, there was a major sell-off of Google stock after reporting earnings that slightly missed expectations. However, the next day, they came out with stronger than expected revenue figures and bought Motorola. This caused their stock to rise 6%. These are fairly subtle movements, but if an investor is looking to capitalize on the movement of a stock, it is best to know why stocks are going up or down before investing.


It’s no doubt that Amazon had a great year. Their stock is up 37%, and they even bought Whole Foods for more than 10 billion dollars. Amazon had a great Black Friday where there were some pretty epic deals, including discounts on many of their products, so it’s no surprise why investors are feeling bullish about this company.


Uber has had a pretty rough year. From #deleteuber to lawsuits, Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, has been under fire since the beginning of this year. But now Uber might have caught a break as they are partnering with NASA to make flying cars. It seems as though the tech industry is excited about this idea, and it may help Uber overcome its bad press.


This year has been a great one for Elon Musk and his company Tesla. Their stock rose more than 33% in the past few months, and their all-electric cars are becoming more affordable to own with the release of the Tesla 3.

These tech stocks have been a big win for investors. Although Tesla and Google have done very well, Amazon and Uber are also going to be the companies that investors need to watch out for.