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Yvonne Scherz


About Yvonne Scherz

Yvonne Scherz is a multilingual Licensed Petroleum Engineer with vast expertise in technology, reservoir engineering, downstream LNG projects, and production engineering. She has nearly two decades of experience, and Yvonne’s positions throughout her impressive career have included the roles of Technical Manager, Business Development Manager, and Reservoir Engineering Manager, among others. 

Yvonne has proved herself to be a known specialist in all elements of engineering and geological concepts, as well as a leader who appreciates the achievement of others around her. She is well-versed in the demanding sector of petroleum asset development, acquisition, and divestment. Yvonne has written four SPE Conference publications regarding fracture-driven interactions. Yvonne is also an active member of her business community and belongs to the Houston Petroleum Club, the Society of Petroleum Engineers, and the Society of Evaluation Engineers. She also received the Southwestern North America Region Award for Reservoir Description and Dynamics from the Society of Petroleum Engineers in 2021.

Yvonne earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. She continued her studies at Tulane University, where she received a Master of Business Administration. Yvonne began her career in Houston, TX as a Senior Reservoir Engineering Advisor/Consultant at D Braxton & Associates. In this capacity, she assisted customers such as Total E&P USA (2006-2008) in evaluating the Deep Water Gulf of Mexico gas field in order to maximize net present value. Yvonne worked as the Technical Manager at The Carnrite Group. She was responsible for progressing a mature waterflood field study in Argentina’s Cuyano Basin to the visualization stage and upgrading data and cost estimates on the client’s behalf.

Yvonne Scherz was the Senior Reservoir Engineer for the CO2 Development Group in the Permian Basin. After extensively assessing production, recovery, and infill possibilities, Yvonne improved oil production as the Senior Staff Reservoir Engineer, Unconventional Resources Asset Unit for EP Energy in Houston. Yvonne’s technical appraisal of coalbed methane assets in the Black Warrior Basin led to a corporation strategy shift, redistribution of capital expenditure (CAPEX), and eventual divestment recommendation in several of her responsibilities.

Yvonne Scherz performed invaluable technological, economic, and risk analyses in CO2 flood development on the Permian NW Shelf, resulting in a 20% capital expenditure reduction and a million barrels of extra oil in reserves. Her Fracture Driven Interaction study has suitable placement risky modifications to maintain infill well-projected ultimate recovery (EUR).

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